Added Value In Hosting a Public Charging Station

Posted in: Residential on November 26th, 2013

EV Charger + hand

SRP Electric’s installed charging stations deliver controlled power to effectively and efficiently charge electric vehicles (EV). The charging stations are easy to use and come in a variety of power and design options that integrate pleasant aesthetics, practical ergonomics and sturdy construction.

Join hundreds of public institutions, leading businesses and organizations around Canada already hosting electric vehicle charging stations. Electric vehicles reduce local air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. As a host, some of the benefits to you include a demonstration of forward-thinking and community interest as you attract values-driven customers. But even more:

Contribution to LEED Certification:
Installing a charging station contributes toward attaining LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. LEED is an internationally recognized system for rating the energy and environmental performance of buildings. Becoming LEED certified may contribute to improving an organization’s image and thus attract environmentally conscious customers and employees.

Value of Avoided Carbon Emissions:
With a growing number of local and regional carbon-reduction policies, charging station owners may be able to benefit from the value of carbon emissions offset by their stations.

Improved Public Health:
Governments have a responsibility to protect public health, and facilitating the pollution-reduction benefits of EVs (depending on the source of electricity) by hosting charging stations can contribute to this aim.

Contact SRP Electric for more insights on these points and how they best suit your specific facility or business.