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Inventory Sale! | Get discounts as high as 30%

Posted in: Commercial/Industrial Green Residential Solar on January 30th, 2014

sale_30_offWe are having our usual new year “Blow-Out” sale on a huge inventory of products. Each year’s sale features steep discounts and this years’ discounts are our best yet — Get discounts as high as 30%. (more…)

Preparing for Power Blackouts — Choosing a Backup Generator

Posted in: Green Residential on January 13th, 2014

Power failures can be a real pain-and downright dangerous-if you’re not prepared. At the very least, blackouts disable heating and air-conditioning systems, freezers, refrigerators, water pumps and lighting. If the power outage lasts for any length of time, your home can become uncomfortable and possibly uninhabitable: Your water pipes may freeze and burst, the food in your freezer may thaw and spoil, or your sump pump may fail, flooding your basement. Any of these events can quickly become expensive. If a blizzard blocks roads and you’re snowed-in during subzero temperatures, grid failure can even be life-threatening. (more…)