Preparing for Power Blackouts — Choosing a Backup Generator

Posted in: Green Residential on January 13th, 2014

Power failures can be a real pain-and downright dangerous-if you’re not prepared. At the very least, blackouts disable heating and air-conditioning systems, freezers, refrigerators, water pumps and lighting. If the power outage lasts for any length of time, your home can become uncomfortable and possibly uninhabitable: Your water pipes may freeze and burst, the food in your freezer may thaw and spoil, or your sump pump may fail, flooding your basement. Any of these events can quickly become expensive. If a blizzard blocks roads and you’re snowed-in during subzero temperatures, grid failure can even be life-threatening.

SRP Electric has included products in its portfolio to make sure residents and businesses in and around Peterborough and the Kawarthas are well prepared for these ever extreme weather conditions. SRP Electric now offers sales and installations of Generac® designed and manufactured back-up generators. Our certified electricians install permanent standby generators that are wired to your electrical panel. So if power goes out, the generator automatically kicks in (without you noticing) and keeps the house warm (or cool), the refrigerator, stove and television running, the automatic garage-door opener churning, the lights on and the neighbours jealous.

QuietSource series — Back-Up Generator from Generac

Premium features are standard on the QuietSource series, the ideal solution for small to large-residential, and medium-commercial applications.

Quieter, Greener, More Powerful:
Low-speed, liquid-cooled engine packs more power into a smaller footprint than air-cooled models. Engineered to run at only 1800 rpm for substantially quieter performance, reduced fuel consumption, and long engine and alternator life.
Mobile Link™ Compatible:
Wireless remote monitoring of your generator via your computer, tablet, or smartphone.
Continuous Fuel Choice:
Features easy fuel conversion to run on your home’s existing supply of either LP or natural gas.
Nexus™ Controller:
Easily control generator diagnostics and get information at a glance with Generac’s user-friendly Nexus™ Controller.
Weekly self-test mode runs at a lower RPM. It is quieter than other brands and consumes less fuel.
Durable Enclosure:
Ensures protection against mother nature. Electrostatically applied textured epoxy paint for added durability.