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A future of power outages; what happens when the lights go out?

Posted in: Commercial/Industrial Green Residential Solar on November 4th, 2014


It is impossible to imagine the modern world without electricity. We are dependent on an uninterrupted source of power and when it fails the consequences are devastating.

Over the past decade there have been 50 significant power-outage events occurring in 26 countries, and the demand for electricity continues to grow stronger with rapid population growth, compact urban areas and an ‘addiction’ to electric appliances. In their article “Exergy and the City: The Technology and Sociology of Power (Failure),” Hugh Byrd and Steve Matthewman predict that these blackouts are only a dress rehearsal for a future in which they will appear more frequently and with greater severity.

The authors highlight the frail electrical power system of the ‘privileged’ West where it is taken for granted that there will be a continued stable supply of electricity for the distant future.

Electrical power generation and distribution is more vulnerable than we might assume due to poor investment in infrastructure and many power grids operating close to capacity. Over the past 30 years, the demand for electricity has increased by 25%, while the construction of transmission faculties has fallen. It is argued that it will take large investments in electric utilities to meet future demand.

With our electrical infrastructures under threat, our dependence on electricity and our vulnerability when a blackout occurs are exposed; the economic damage of power outages and quality disturbances are estimated to cost the American economy between $25 and $180 billion per annum, although the indirect costs could be up to five times higher.

Blackouts affect the economy and our everyday lives in a number of ways. Without electricity, food provisions are compromised as a lack of refrigeration means food cannot be stored safely, leading to increased risk of food poisoning; security systems fail and the crime rate increases, as it amplifies the opportunity for fraud, theft and exploitation.

A lack of power also causes an immediate and prevalent problem for transport systems; traffic lights fail, rail systems come to a stop and air transport becomes compromised due to the loss of communications and unlit runways.

Despite a frail electrical infrastructure and the consequences of blackouts, our dependency on electricity continues to intensify, fuelled in part by consumer ‘addictions’ to electronic devices, air conditioning and, in the future electric vehicles.

Electricity demands will become even greater as our resources become constrained due to the depletion of fossil fuel, a lack of renewable energy sources, peak oil and climate change. As we become more dependent on an uninterrupted supply of electricity for our comfort, security, communication systems, transport, health and food supply…what will happen when the lights go out?

Announcing Our Solar Installation Services: Sub-contract or Turnkey

Posted in: Solar on July 11th, 2014

Finished installation

SRP Electric is an experienced Commercial Solar rooftop installer having over 5 megawatts (MW) of investment grade installations completed to date, with capacity ready to deploy immediately! (more…)

Inventory Sale! | Get discounts as high as 30%

Posted in: Commercial/Industrial Green Residential Solar on January 30th, 2014

sale_30_offWe are having our usual new year “Blow-Out” sale on a huge inventory of products. Each year’s sale features steep discounts and this years’ discounts are our best yet — Get discounts as high as 30%. (more…)

SRP Electric takes on Toronto’s 401 Mini Indy

Posted in: Solar on June 12th, 2013

On January 30th, 2013, SRP Electric’s team set to work on installing a full-scale solar system on the roof of Toronto’s 401 Mini Indy. The 300kW system is one of the most advanced distributed architecture designs in the province utilizing 10kW string inverters and TIGO module level DC optimizers for maximum performance and module level reporting.

Over the course of the installation, SRP Electric’s goal was to ensure that the project was completed in a timely manner and that the job site remained clean and orderly throughout the process. Despite ongoing weather challenges such as snow, ice and rain, the team managed to complete the installation on schedule, working indoors when the weather was inclement and taking advantage of clear days to work on the roof.

SRP Electric’s synergy with SunRise Power meant that the engineering staff was always available to deal with issues promptly. According to Rick Yates, SRP Electric is always looking for a better way to do an installation.

Here are a few pictures from the job site:

Metering cabinets and disconnects

Conduits and integrated wiring solution, DC module optimizers

250kW system using distributed 10kW string inverter architecture

Finished installation

325kW FIT rooftop Solar System Under Way

Posted in: Commercial/Industrial Solar on February 6th, 2013

325kW Fit project, advanced system design utilizing string inverters with Tigo module optimizers, off the 401 on the north side at hwy 409.